MPM: S03/E01 – Your Wish Is My Commando

A True Lumberjack.

Commando | Suburban Commando – Welcome back Motion Picture Meltdowniacs to the first episode of  Season 3! We realize it hasn’t been that long since Season 2 ended, but we’d like to get things back on a regularly scheduled track! We’ve got a great 18-20 episode season ready for you guys, and what better way to start it off than with a little bit of Arnold and Hulk Hogan?

Also…Check out the rest of, and check out Empire Comics! Our favorite comic book store off of Charlestown Rd in New Albany, IN

Star Wars? Nahhhh. Suburban Commando!
Dick’s Sporting Goods
The American Badass
This statue provides perfect cover from bullets and grenades.
Phonebooth removal service.
If the bad guys only knew Arnold’s weakness for being tickled.
“Why am I in this movie?” “Man, you really ARE hideous.”

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