MPM: S03/E03 – Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Teen Wolf?

Teen Demon 2

Teen Wolf | Teen Wolf Too – Hello once again, and thank you for checking out the newest episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! This week, Mark and I take a trip back to the 80’s and round out one of the best to worst ratio original and sequel movies out there. We hang out for a great time with Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf, and stick around for a little too long while watching Jason Bateman embarrass himself and the entire franchise in Teen Wolf Too.

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I guess fat guys got to motorboat hot chicks in the 80’s.
Monkey? Or Wolf?
At least we know where the idea for Ewoks came from.
Notice the cock at the top of the screen.
The 1980’s, where good budget was unheard of.
I crush you like golf ball.

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