MPM: S03/E05 – Breakin’ The Law!

Yeah. I think we get the point.

Demoliton Man | Judge Dredd – Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out our “Justice” episode. This week, Mark, Philip, and myself go over Demolition Man and  Judge Dredd for you fine listeners out there. Being two of the more well-known action flicks of the 90’s, we decided there was nothing better to do than to pick apart Stallone’s Oscar winning performances, and best supporter Rob Schnieder.

Also…Check out the rest of, and check out  Empire Comics! Our favorite comic book store off of Charlestown Rd in  New  Albany, IN

Dirt Bike Tire Suit
The most evil man you’ve ever read about.
The Hunka Chunka.
Don’t be afraid. This robot will NOT fuck you up.

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