MPM: S03/E09 – Masters of Punishment!

Look at little like Vader and Luke?

The Punisher | Masters of the Universe – Welcome back, Motion Picture Maniacs! Mark and I have stayed with our word to continue to be motivated to podcast every week, and this week we’ve decided to dive back into the late 80’s with foreign action star, Dolph Lundgren. We’ve decided to rip apart the 1989 version of The Punisher as well as the 1987 nerd classic Masters of the Universe.

Also…Check out the rest of, and check out  Empire Comics! Our favorite comic book store off of Charlestown Rd in  New  Albany, IN

Not Insane
Possibly Insane.
She’s scarier than Dolph Lundgren!
I don’t do coke or heroine.
Check out my cool Indian Elephant Armor!

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