MPM: S04/E17 – Running Out Of Air!

Little kid nightmare fuel.

Total Recall (1990) | The Running Man – Welcome to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! We here at UC and MPM wish you all the start of a great Holiday season (Our Thanksgiving episode will be posted next week) and soon we will be kicking off a complete Christmas movie December…but first! Adding a couple more to the MPM/Schwarzenegger collection. In this episode, Mark, Travis, Phil, and myself roast The Running Man and Total Recall, some classic Arnold movies. In this podcast we decide what’s logical in futuristic films, debate the necessity of scy-fy remakes, and never really fund out what party Rictor was going to. Enjoy!

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I probably would have said fuck the mission and tied her up.
I think she could use a few more if you ask me…
I didn’t know Rodney Dangerfield was in this movie!
Open your mind….
The power to cut through cardboard!

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