MPM S5E04: Let’s Kick Some Ash!

Not crazy. At all.

Evil Dead | Army of Darkness – Hello everyone! In celebration of the remake release of Evil Dead, Mark, Philip, and myself have decided to do a special surprise episode of Motion Picture Meltdown over the original 1981 horror cult-classic Evil Dead, as well as one of its well-liked sequels, Army of Darkness. In this episode, we talk about some of the history between Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi, the magic of terrible stop-motion claymation, and how sometimes really terrible, cheesy acting can go a long way in enjoying a movie. Also, via Mark, go see the new Evil Dead remake! Its not for the light-hearted, and is super gruesome! Enjoy!

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Vegetated Rape
The most annoying.
Evil Bruce
Terrible Halloween Mask.

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