MPM S507: Super Ghosts and Ghouls

No. Just NO!

Poltergeist | House – Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown up in this bitch! We’re back on track with things and have taken another jump back into the 80’s to roast through a couple of classic ghost movies for you guys. In this episode, we go over the 1986 version of House as well one of our favorite horror classics, Poltergeist. In this episode, we talk about “Bull from Night Court’s” miraculous return to MPM, sheer scariest in the simplest of camera angles and light work, and the fact that creepy clowns bring out the worst in people. They just need to stop. Enjoy!

P.S. – There will be some big, awesome changes coming to MPM in the near future, so make sure you’re listening! We’ll be doing things like making shirt and sticker designs, promoting through different websites and podcasts, nearing our 100th episode, creating some new logo designs, and more…all while making you pee your pants with laughter!

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GO back to Cheers, George.
Okay, I can’t argue with the shitty makeup, but I still love it.
May be scarier than the ghosts…
Just pure awesomeness.
One way to scratch the un-scratchable itch.
No longer Richard Moll…only Bull from Night Court.

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