MPM: S05/E12 – Insert 90’s Kid Sports Movie Here.

You actually sat through this as an adult?

Space Jam | The Mighty Ducks – Hello again! Welcome to the newest episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! This week, Philip, Mark, and myself take a little trip back to our younger years an roast through two of the most classic (and let’s not forget cliche) kid’s sports movies of 90’s, Space Jam and The Mighty Ducks. In this episode, we talk about Looney Toons sexism, the mere fact that Looney Toons have been ruined by white trash, the fact the Bill Murray can save anything, and the new segment: Where’s Emilio? Enjoy!

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Okay guys, I’ll do anything for money.
I blew my load in the first half.
All hail the king.
“I decide who sucks around here!”
I’m still pissed about Pauly Shore being my Son-In-Law!
Two fat kids from Heavyweights, Pete, Chick from Shameless, Josh Jackson, and HEED all in the same photo. What a group of little acting gurus.

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