MPM: S05/E15 – Tranceformers! Bad Movies In Disguise!

Truly terrifying.

Trancers | Trancers II – Hello everyone! Welcome to another great episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! In this episode (and the next), Mark is out of town so Phil and I bring in a couple of very special guests from United Cypher itself, XR900 and Dehart! We travel back into the 80’s (of course) and check out a couple movies that Phil picked out, and coincidentially, we’d never heard of. This week, we roast through Charles Band(Puppet Master, Evil Bong, etc.)’s Trancers and Trancers II. In this episode, we go over the age limit for the cool, hip protagonist, the cost of Winn Dixie toy aisle Blade Runner, the dangers of naming charcters too close to real actors, and how big a Hot N Now drink actually is. Enjoy, and don’t forget the mustard for your ham grenades!

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Poor, Poor, Poor!You would’ve been good for this role….30 years ago.Jeremy Irons and William Atherton’s Baby.Hit him with your meth sore attack!

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