MPM: S05/E19 – SyFy Sharkathon!

Sharktopus | Sharknado – Hello everyone and happy Shark Week! In celebration of the glorious week dedicated to our toothy friends of the sea, we’ve decided to once again roast two of the many, many terrible movies out there featuring them. This time, we dive into two more recent SYFY creations that pay homage to Roger Coreman. In this episode, we podcast about Sharktopus and the brand new Sharknado. In this podcast you’ll hear Philip, Mark, and myself talk about the logic of blowing up tornadoes with bombs, discect Tara Reid’s career, plastic surgery, and Playboy shoot, as well as move John Heard (dad from Home Alone) up in our MPM actor standings. Enjoy, and we hope this is a great way to end your 2013 Shark Week

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Pure Genius. Bombs are the obvious solution to Sharknados.Shark Missile has 100% accuracy.

John Heard’s career has plummeted into shark infested waters.

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