MPM: Ep. 105 – The Adventures of Wrinkly Danglesack, The Christmas Elf.

Silent Night, Deadly Night | Rare Exports – Hello everyone! We hope you had a great Christmas and we welcome you back to our third and final Holiday podcast as well as the last podcast of 2013! In the absence of Phil the Kill, Mark and myself decided to take on a couple of Christmas horror flicks and celebrate the lightly tapped evil Santa following out there. In this episode we roast through the 80’s slasher film, Silent Night, Deadly Night as well as a newer foreign take on holiday horror and the involvement of Krampus with Rare Exports. By listening to this episode, you’ll get to hear Mark and I rant about the differences in American and European horror films, the fact that carrying a bathtub around for drowning naughty children seems like a lot of work, and discuss why slasher villains always seem to excel in Archery. Enjoy!

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Man, he sure did get “hammered” on Christmas Eve….get it? GET IT?
Santa Claus…expert archer.
I think its scarier NOT knowing what lies in this block of ice.
Seems like a lot of work…
Not your momma’s elves
The TRUE Santa’s Workshop

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