MPM: Ep. 106 – Jimmy Buffet, Entomologist Extraordinaire.

The Fly (1986) | Arachnophobia – Hello everyone! Happy New Year and welcome to episode 106 of Motion Picture Meltdown! We hope you enjoyed out Holiday episodes, and now its time to get back into the normal swing of things. With the absence of Mark, I took the liberty of inviting United Cypher’s Dehart (who is now a full-time MPM co-host) as well as Phil to podcast a couple of creature feature horror flicks. We roast the popular David Cronenberg hit from 1986, The Fly as well as the core to all of children’s nightmares, Arachnophobia. In this episode we debate over whether it would be better to be a fly or spider, we evaluate Jimmy Buffet’s entomology expertise, as well as talk about some great special effects of the 80’s. Enjoy!

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B’boon Soup
Best of the 80’s.
Lookin’ Good Jeff!
Congratulations, it is a penis.
That’s right, he’s bad.
Suzie’s just going to LOVE this little pet I’m bringing home for her.
Herbal Essences: Spider
Jeff Daniels has the right idea.

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