MPM: Ep. 139 – The Safe-word Is Banana Pudding!

Darkman | Blankman – Hello everyone! Welcome back to Not-So Superhero September for Motion Picture Meltdown! We continue our theme with a couple of crappy super-hero movies from the 90’s. Phil, Dehart, and myself get together with Joel Mengel from The Pod People Podcast once again to roast through Sam Raimi’s Darkman as well as Blankman. In this episode you will hear me practice my terrible seguae skills, you’ll hear Dehart express his random rage feelings, Joel expels his Damon Wayans rage, and Phil turns this into Motion Physics Meltdown. Enjoy!

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We get to see Damon Wayans jizz at least 4 times.
Liam Neeson Darkman Sexy Pose
They should have really drowned.

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