MPM: Ep. 144 – Sledgehammer Exorcisms

The Mangler | The Shaft – Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! We’re finishing up our theme of this month of “Non-Monsters” with a couple of horrible movies! We know you’re sad to see the theme end, but next week is our Halloween special, where our old co-host Mark Hinto will be joining us for a couple of Halloween themed movies. Anyway…this week’s episode is Phil, Dehart and myself roasting through Stephen King’s The Mangler as well as the heaping pile of poo known as The Shaft(Or…Down?). In this episode, you will hear us discuss the reasons these movies get made, we talk about how effective giving exorcisms with a sledgehammer would be, and we talk about just how dangerous factory machinery really is. Enjoy!

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Dead Ex-Brother-in-law.
We’re confused why you’re in this too.
Scary, right?
Robot Robert.
Just take the stairs?

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