MPM: Ep. 166 – Wyld Vampyres Rule!

The Lost Boys | John Carpenter’s Vampires – Hello everyone! Welcome to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! This week Phil, Dehart and I jump back into the horror genre and take on a couple of our guilty pleasure vampire movies. We roast through the 1980’a classic The Lost Boys as well as one of the few John Carpenter movies we hadn’t collectively seen already, John Carpenter’s Vampires. In this episode, we all talk about our favorite guilty pleasure vampire movies, we discuss our hatred for the Baldwins, Phil talks about the first and second rule about vampire hunting, and we all wish to see more sweaty wrestler saxophone playing frontmen. Enjoy!

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Not one of Carpenter’s best.
Methelle Pfieffer.
Gotta love the vampire mullet gangs.
Severus Snape vampire

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