MPM: Ep. 167 – Screaming Like Banshees!

Shivers | Night of the Creeps – Hello everyone! Welcome to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! This week Dehart, Phil and myself go over a couple of “parasite” infested movies per choice of Dehart. We go back to the 70’s to touch up on a film by Dehart’s favorite director, David Cronenberg and roast through Shivers as well as go through a cult classic from the 80’s, Night of the Creeps. In this episode, you’ll hear us choose our own parasitic animal, Phil and Dehart argue about the correct way to deal with a dead axe-murderer, and we discuss exactly why so many movies use rape as a plot device. Enjoy!

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Cronenberg loves phallic objects.
Awesome practical effects.
I think she gave him something.
Your dates are dead.

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