MPM: Ep. 173 – The F*ck You Buddy System

The Mist | The Descent – Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! To continue our MONSTER MONTH OF MAY, Phil, Dehart and myself decided to do a couple of more modern and popular monster-themed movies. We go through a horror movie that seems to be nearing the top of many horror movie lists in The Descent and we hit a movie based on a Stephen King story and directed by Frank Darabont in The Mist. In this episode, we talk about wrong decisions we’ve made an immediately regretted, We discuss possibly THE most-hated movie character of all time, and decide that if you’re cheating on someone, don’t give them the same necklaces. Enjoy!

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Maybe not the most creative monsters.
Great blend of practical and cg effects.
Don’t go spelunking.
Swimming in the blood of your friends.


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