MPM: Ep 183 – You Never Go Full Ice T

Point Break | Surf Nazis Must Die – Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! We continue to boost our summer fun by roasting through a couple of tubular surfing movies, dudes! This week we officially induct Cheats McGee as our fourth permanent co-host (until we kick him out), and roast through the cult classic Surf Nazis Must Die as well as a 90’s action flick that for some reason seems to be at the top of everyone’s action list, Point Break. In this episode, you’ll hear us all debate on why surfers are stereotyped as morons, you’ll hear Philip rage hardcore about how much he hates Point Break, and you’ll hear Dehart talk about how Patrick Swayze “Mariokarts” someone in Point Break. Enjoy!

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Patrick Swayze is Ronald Reagan
Die, nazi scum!
Totally Keanu’s Fault.

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