MPM: Ep. 214 – Lincoln Loggins

Hello everyone! Welcome to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! This week, Dehart, Cheats, Phil and myself celebrate Sylvester Stallone’s Oscar nomination by roasting through a couple of his more well-known movies. In this episode, we go through the 1980’s Golan-Globus made Over the Top as well as the box-office slam dunk from the 90’s, Cliffhanger. In this episode, we all choose the hood ornament for our imaginary big rigs, we talk about how drinking motor oil may more of a hindrance than an help, and we discuss that bench pressing someone into a stalactite is a little out of character for Cliffhanger. Enjoy!

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Ham it up, Lithgow!
She totally killed herself.
Obviously a crime lord.
Seems pretty safe and not a waste of time while his mother is dying.
Stick Around.

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