MPM: Ep. 215 – We’re Taking Minions Back

Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! This week, Cheats chooses the movies and while we all hate our lives roasting through one of the most vanilla movies of all time, Priest, he surprised us all by laying a more unknown horror-western on us that made us all cringe by having us watch Bone Tomahawk. We warn you ahead of time, there will be SPOILERS for Bone Tomahawk. The movie is awesome, so if you don’t want us to ruin it, PLEASE watch it before listening to the podcast! In this episode, you’ll hear us debate the winner between vampires and wendigos, you’ll all our reactions from one of the goriest scenes in movie history, and we talk about how the word minion needs to be taken back. Enjoy!

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Oh look, the most generic monster ever.
They all play their parts perfectly.
Such a bland movie.
You would think this means to stay away.

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