MPM: Ep. 221 – The Denzel Cop Game

Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! This week Dehart picks a couple of 90’s Denzel Washington movies (what could go wrong, right?). In this episode we roast through the complete train-wreck science fiction film from 1995, Virtuosity as well as the possibly underrated movie filled with 90’s stink, Fallen…or as Cheats likes to call it, The Fallen. This week, you’ll hear us play the Denzel Cop Game, you’ll hear some very differing opinions on these Denzel movies, and Cheats, Phil, and Dehart almost sweat to death! Enjoy!

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His WORST movie.
Makes everything better.
We know, the lack of plot is hilarious.
Lawnmower Man 3?
Of course he’s an ex-cop.

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