Halloween Disc-A-Day: Day 6 Decoys

This project is an attempt to help me get dvds that for one reason or another I’ve never seen off of my shelf and give them a watch.  Today’s pick is Decoys.

IMDb: Decoys (27 February 2004 (Canada))
Luke and Roger are just another couple of college guys trying to lose their virginity. But when Luke sees something unusual, he begins to suspect that the girls on campus aren’t exactly human.

The first thing you see after pressing play on this dvd is the following phrase: “This film is rated R for nudity and sexual content.” Great. I like both of those. With a premise like this, I feel like some of the sleaze is missing from the end product of the movie. This is kind of a light-hearted take on alien invasion with sexy ladies. Think Invasion of the Hotty Snatchers (Copyright Unitedcypher 2016 if we haven’t been beaten to it), It’s not great, but is some harmless fun. The movie as a whole has the feel of a throwback to when movies were marketed to an age group below their rating. This is R rated, but someone around their early teams seems like they would be the prime audience. As fas as the cast goes, they are fairly good for the most part. I don’t like the detective played by Richard Burgi who I know from playing a detective on a show that I also didn’t like called The Sentinel. The only other actor that I want to mention specifically is Elias Toufexis. He is a clone of Chris Penn and this movie is the evidence. The last thing I’ll say is this: Decoys might be one of the most openly Canadian films I’ve ever seen. Not in an over-the-top way either. There is no fucking “aboot” or maple syrup or even trying to pass for New York. I found that refreshing. I’m holding off on the sequel for now and tomorrow I’ll be checking out Fist of the Vampire.

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