Halloween Disc-A-Day: Day 7 Fist of the Vampire

This project is an attempt to help me get dvds that for one reason or another I’ve never seen off of my shelf and give them a watch.  Today’s pick is Fist of the Vampire.

IMDb: Fist of the Vampire (29 September 2007 (USA))
1977. A family is murdered in cold blood. The case goes unsolved for decades and remains a mystery. Enter the present day, detective Lee Southward is sent on assignment to infiltrate an …

When you watch a movie like Fist of the Vampire before anything else, you need to set your expectations appropiately. This is a microbudget movie about vampires running an underground fighting ring. There are loads of bad acting, effects, and editing, but that comes with the territory. To judge a microbudget movie fairly, you have figure out if they actually achieved whatever they were going for. Action is one of the selling points of the movie and that is mostly successful. A lot of the cast are martial artists and pro wrestlers. The Blue Meanie is the top billed actor. You might recognize him from ECW or The Wrestler. Yeah, he was in a very successful movie just a year after this. The fights are choreographed well enough. They get robotic and boring in spots, but all in all the pacing keeps thing moving along. One of the other apparent goals is getting naked ladies on video. It achieved that thanks mostly to Darian Caine who has credits in movies like Gladiator Erotic vs The Lesbian Warriors and Lord of the G-Strings. There are a couple of technical problems that bother me personally like the amount of green screen use in static locations. There isn’t a need to make a composite shot of three people talking to each other with nothing else happening in the scene. Just change the scene location. And with the volume of this effect in the movie, you would think they would learn how to avoid such a soft outline around the characters. And who the fuck is the guy on the cover of this? He isn’t one of the five cast members listed above the title. That’s enough complaining though. This is for fans of microbudget films only. I’m ok with it and feel like the kind of people that would seek this out are the kind of people who would enjoy it. Tomorrow’s movie is Population 436.

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