Halloween Disc-A-Day: Day 10 Night Hunter

This project is an attempt to help me get dvds that for one reason or another I’ve never seen off of my shelf and give them a watch.  Today’s pick is Night Hunter.

IMDb: Night Hunter (21 May 1996 (USA))
Jack Cutter is the last in long line of vampire hunters. After killing few vampires in one L.A. restaurant, he is chased both by police and by other vampires. In the process he meets an …

Most action and horror movies are spotty at best. When you mix the genres, it can get even shakier. This movie does one thing really well. It rewrites the vampire mythology to fit low budget film making perfectly. Vampires can only be killed by breaking the spine. In the movie, our hero, Don “The Dragon” Wilson, says the “break their backs” but exclusively breaks necks. I’m rephrasing it to fit a little better. He uses guns to slow them down giving us some nice squib action, but in fiction they’ve established the wound heal almost instantly so they don’t need to slow down or have a shitty prosthetic. Also the vampires can go out in the daylight, sparing the audience terrible day-for-night sequences. The drawbacks come mostly from the acting and direction. The acting I can let go for the most part. Don “The Dragon” is a martial artist that transitioned into acting. He’s there for martial arts and delivers on that. Speaking of shaky, it would be nice if the cameraman wasn’t having a seizure during every action sequence. The action that is scored with flamenco guitar works particularly well. This movie is a perfect example of something could have an outstanding remake. They set up that the vampires can only increase their numbers by biting new victims during a solar eclipse and when we get to the final act of the movie, they either didn’t have the resources to have them creating new vampires for our hunter to fight or lost track that point in favor of the “you look like someone” vampire subplot that has been around since Dracula. I had a good time with this, but I think the story itself had much higher potential. Anyway, come back tomorrow when I will be watching Demonic.

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