Halloween Disc-A-Day: Day 21 Decoys 2: Alien Seduction

This project is an attempt to help me get dvds that for one reason or another I’ve never seen off of my shelf and give them a watch.  Today’s pick is Decoys 2: Alien Seduction.

IMDb: Decoys 2: Alien Seduction (Video 6 March 2007)
Sam, a college student in a small Northwestern town, reluctantly joins his roommates in a contest to see who can hook up with the most gorgeous co-eds by the end of the semester. But when men slowly start disappearing around town, he and his friends learn that when it comes to beautiful women, it’s what’s inside that really matters.

Ska has been discovered cryogenicly frozen in the Canadian tundra. That has nothing to do with the majority of this movie, just the band at the first party in the film. This is a good type of sequel in three ways. It keeps continuity with the original in spite of the surprise ending. We find the hero from the previous film in a position of doubting his own sanity and eventually providing back up to the new main characters. It manages to create a scenario where they can go over the same setup but follow through differently. Instead of the cops finding shit loads of frozen dead dudes, they go missing. As a result, cops are barely a factor in the movie. Additionally, it clears up the moral position of the movie. It was established in the previous film, the aliens don’t want the men to die and we get to find out exactly why that is. I have a few negative points though. The movie feels like more of the same rather than heightening the tension. And as sleaze-free as the last one was this is somehow even cleaner. Earn the fucking R, damnit.

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