Halloween Disc-A-Day: Day 31 All Souls Day: Dia De Los Muertos

This project is an attempt to help me get dvds that for one reason or another I’ve never seen off of my shelf and give them a watch.  Today’s pick is All Souls Day: Dia De Los Muertos.

IMDb: All Souls Day: Dia De Los Muertos (22 January 2005)
During a Day of the Dead celebration, the dead come to life to prey upon the living.

The end has arrived, and I somehow managed to skip Halloween and land on November 1.  It’s a zombie movie, but a more traditional story with the undead returning due to a curse.  For me, the movie gets a pass based on that alone.  A zombie movie is a tough proposition, because so many cover the same ground.  Overall the acting ranges from standard to a little above average in a few spots and the effects follow suit.  My only complaint come in what they promote on the cover.  It has the female lead, Marisa Ramerez, like you would expect.  I’m not familiiar with anything else she’s done, but she’s important to the movie.  You can say the same for Danny Trejo who isn’t in much of the film but has an important role as the villain.  The other two names they list are Jeffrey Combs, from Reanimator, and Ellie Cornell, from Halloween 4 and 5, who are barely in the movie at all.  Jeffrey Combs is in two scenes and one of those is as a disembodied voice from the other side of a door.  Aside from that, my opinion of the movie is more on the positive side than negative and I prefer this to many other zombie flicks of the same time period.

That’s it.  At this pace, I still have about two months worth of unwatched dvds to get through, but I’m not writing about those.  I’m just going to enjoy them… hopefully.

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