MPM: Ep. 252 – The Tijuana Cranberries

Food Fight | Petey Wheatstraw – Hello everyone! We hope you’re having a better Holiday season than us, because we’re having to sit through some really terrible shit for you requesters out there. We’ve reached episode 2 of December Request month here at Motion Picture Meltdown. In this episode, we roast through Sean Moriarty’s pick, Petey Wheatstraw. We should have told him to roast this himself on Nerds on Film. Our second movie is one of the absolutely worst movies we’re ever reviewed. Jon requests us all to kill ourselves by watching Foodfight!. In this episode, you’ll hear us talk about what we would do to make a Christmas animated story worse, Phil gets tired of Kung-Fu, and we all agree that Foodfight! gave Charlie Sheen AIDS. Enjoy!

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