Halloween Disc-A-Day 2017: Day 6 – Dead Mary

Continuing from last year, this project is an attempt to help me get dvds that for one reason or another I’ve never seen off of my shelf and give them a watch.  Up next, I have Dead Mary.

IMDb: Dead Mary (Video 20 February 2007)
A group of friends enjoying a weekend in the woods play a game of “Dead Mary” and summon an evil witch who begins possessing them one by one.

On paper, the plot of Dead Mary is riff on Evil Dead.  More or less that’s accurate, but it evolves from one form to another within that framework.  I absolutely hated the first half hour where the movie has The Big Chill vibe where old friends are coming together and discussing relationships and their interpersonal struggles.  I absolutely could not care less about any of that, so I’m not going to linger on it.  After they play Dead Mary (copyright, legally distinct, and way better version of Bloody Mary wink), the movie improves with the first death and resurrection.  It’s the deadite moment but instead of undead trash talk, it switches gears to turn them against each other because when you weren’t looking the movie changed into The Thing.  It’s all the same situation.  They are attacked when they are alone and changed.  Also they have to be killed with fire.  I have a soft spot for all of that, so much so that Dead Mary managed to work its way out of the hole for me anyway.  It’s not too bad.

Come back tomorrow to see if I can keep this chain of passable movies going.  In the meantime, listen to Motion Picture Meltdown’s episode on one of this movies big influences, The Thing.

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