Halloween Disc-A-Day 2017: Day 8 – The Wisher

Continuing from last year, this project is an attempt to help me get dvds that for one reason or another I’ve never seen off of my shelf and give them a watch.  I watched Spliced aka The Wisher.  Let’s enjoy another painfully long synopsis.

IMDb: The Wisher (1 December 2002)
In a small town, the teenager Mary is obsessed and addicted with horror movies. Further, she is sleepwalker, has frequent nightmares and her father has forbidden her to watch horror movies. However, when the top at the box office “The Wisher” is screened in her town, she goes to the movie theater with her two best friends, Debbie and Kara, and leaves the session before the end, vomiting and impressed with the scary story. Mary notes that her wishes comes true wounding people and she sees the character The Wisher stalking her everywhere.

I left in the weird grammar in that for authenticity’s sake.  I’m going to ignore the Spliced title in favor of the original.  The Wisher is one of the films that feels like it’s riding the wave of meta-horror movies popularized by New Nightmare and Scream.  It’s late for the particularly late when you see how much it “homages” from Freddy Kruger.  Multiple nightmare scenes and a killer with blade fingers (even if they are only broken glass) don’t show up in the same movie on accident.  This has to be a knowing reference.  The sleep problems could have easily been cut from this and the movie would have come across as much more original.  As it is, the movie plays out similarly to The Wishmaster but significantly less supernatural.  Side note: the first two Wishmasters kick ass.  Going into the movie, I only knew one thing.  Ron Silver is in it.  I was hoping for his typical over-the-top asshole character that he does so well.  However, he’s just a school psychiatrist I think.  That’s what I gather from him being called doctor and his general student interactions.  The video release title Spliced refers to the movie-in-the-movie is intercut with occult symbols.  It’s the only actual reason for any involvement with him in the story.  They hint he has dabbled in the occult before and he checks back in after all is said in done to plant seeds for the potential sequel.  He doesn’t feel like he’s trying at all which is disappointing.  Overall, this is middle of the road, but that’s better than anyone could expect based on the cover of the dvd.

Will tomorrows movie be as neutral?  In the meantime, jump in the wayback machine and listen to the Motion Picture Meltdown episode on Ernest Scared Stupid since the trolls have such a similar origin to the Wisher.

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