Halloween Disc-A-Day 2017: Day 10 – Spiders II: Breeding Grounds

Continuing from last year, this project is an attempt to help me get dvds that for one reason or another I’ve never seen off of my shelf and give them a watch.  Yesterday I set up a kind of double feature of monster movie sequels where I haven’t seen the first movie.  Today I finished it with Spiders II: Breeding Grounds.

IMDb: Spiders II: Breeding Grounds (9 May 2001)
Jason and Alexandra ‘Alex’, a close couple, lose their sail yacht in a storm and are grateful to get picked up by Captain Jim Bigelow’s commercial carrier. Suspicious about the rough treatment and injections given by ship’s doctor Gerbac which make the strong man faint, and realizing the ship is improbably empty and the radio not broken as the crew claims, Jason starts snooping around and finds human bodies on meat hooks, but even Alex thinks he’s just hallucinating. Alas while sane Jason is restrained for his ‘paranoia’, the real madmen are the doc’s genetic experiment outfit, who abuse their human captives as live incubators for a giant spider’s eggs…

From the director of American Ninja and American Ninja 2, Sam Firstenberg… Starring Bull from Night Court aka Richard Moll… Comes… Spiders II: Breeding Grounds.  The summary does have a major error that needs to be correct: that’s Dr. Grbac.  It’s probably a typo, but that is how it appears in the credits.  Unlike yesterday, this movie does in fact have more than one monster justifying it being plural.  The subtitle doesn’t fit though.  There is breeding, but no ground at all, only boats.  The effects in the movie are poor, but varied.  The spiders vary from puppets to real spiders on obvious models to CG.  There are actual sets which I like and matte paintings that are a nice touch even if they are a bit overdone.  Some them are of hallways seem to extend out of sight.  That’s silly regardless of how big the boat is.  What looked the worst in my opinion was anything that touched the ocean.  No physical objects where in the water so they tried to composite them in and it’s just awful.  I question why this is set on a boat anyway and wonder if that would make sense if I saw the first movie.  Anyway, it’s good to see Bull from Night Court as a mad scientist chewing up the scenery like a madman.  This is another midling title for me and I’m ok with that.

Come back tomorrow for another review.  In the meantime, listen to the Motion Picture Meltdown episode on Arachnophobia and The Fly for some more bug action.

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