Halloween Disc-A-Day 2017: Day 19 – The Evil Woods

Continuing from last year, this project is an attempt to help me get dvds that for one reason or another I’ve never seen off of my shelf and give them a watch.  Next up, I’ve got The Evil Woods.

IMDb: The Evil Woods (11 November 2007)
A group of teenagers take a weekend camping trip to party, have fun and relax. After pitching tent in a desolate area, they become panicked when a stranger startles them and warns of the killer ghost in the woods.

The best of slashers try to do something different.  It’s such a simple set up that you need to spice it up if you want it to be even vaguely memorable.  This doesn’t do any of that.  The only reason I could see for it to have been made at all is strictly for its own sake.  I think that may have been the motivation given that it’s the directors only film.  I’m fine with someone doing that, but it doesn’t particularly interest me unless there’s that extra effort put into putting their own stamp on it.

Well, there you have it.  Come back tomorrow for another review.  In the meantime, listen to Motion Picture Meltdown as they discuss some more camp movies, Sleepaway Camp and The Burning.

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