Halloween Disc-A-Day 2017: Day 25 – Jack Brooks Monster Slayer

Continuing from last year, this project is an attempt to help me get dvds that for one reason or another I’ve never seen off of my shelf and give them a watch.  Up next, I’ve got Jack Brooks Monster Slayer.

IMDb: Jack Brooks Monster Slayer (19 November 2008)
A troubled young man still mourning the childhood loss of his family now has to deal with his professor being turned into a monster.

This isn’t the first (Insert Full Name) Monster Hunter/Killer/Slayer I’ve seen, but it is one of the better ones.  It might be slightly misleading as a title though.  Instead of non-stop monster action, it’s more of the journey to that point.  Robert Englund has a major role in this as a teacher who’s possessed.  From past experience I expected two things: that this would be a cameo and he would be a creep.  For the most part, those were false.  There isn’t a ton of screen time, but he’s throughout the film.  Also, I expected that when he asked our hero to come out to his old house and fix his plumber that he was going to be a pervert, but they played against type and everything was on the up and up.  This is the director’s(John Knautz) first feature and has all practical effects.  It’s pretty impressive.  I’ve seen one of his movies after this, The Shrine.  It’s not bad.  My complaint is that it follows too closely with the film that it’s a direct reference to, Black Sunday.  I would watch more of this directors work which speaks highly for the movie itself.

That’s the last of what I’ve got on hand.  I’ve got to go pick up more to finish the month.  Keep checking back in to see what I got.  They should be interesting.  In the meantime, listen to Motion Picture Meltdown’s episode on vampire hunters where we cover Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Van Helsing.

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