Halloween Disc-A-Day: Day 16 – Wreckage

For a third year, I’m going to be watching at least one horror DVD per day and writing a short review about them. I’ve acquired a new batch that I haven’t previously seen, so without any further delay. Let’s get to work.

Wreckage (2010)

Four friends are forced to enter an out of town junk-yard and throughout the night it’s all hell and bullets as the local sheriff’s men and the kids fight the mysterious killer that is stalking them one-by-one.

I really don’t have too much to say about this one.  I expected from the cover for this to be the type of title that’s repackaged to capitalize on the new found success of an actor with a small role.  Of course in this specific case, I’m referring to Aaron Paul and cashing in on Breaking Bad.  That turned out not to be the case.  He doesn’t have tons of screen time, but his part in the film is significant.  This character is as annoy as his Jesse character tended to be, so it’s not a tremendous stretch from what he’s known for.  I only have two relatively small complaints about the movie.  There’s a ridiculously long opening credit sequence.  This is a low budget movie.  There’s just no need for it to go on for over five minutes.  It’s just such obvious unnecessary padding especially considering the extended fireworks post-credit gag with Scoot McNairy from Monsters at the end of the movie.  My other problem is a murder scene that isn’t connected to anything else after the set-up in the past and before the credits.  It’s as if it’s some unrelated horror short in the same location crammed in without regard for who the killer is or why it would make sense.  I kept trying to put together clues as I was watching that would tie it into the rest of the movie but was unsuccessful.  The way it was placed made it seem like it would be something that would come back later on.  Other than that, I thought this was pretty descent.

I’ll be back tomorrow, but if you want to hear more about Mr. Scoot in the meantime listen to the Motion Picture Meltdown episode on Monsters and Trollhunter.

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