Halloween Disc-A-Day: Day 21 – Carrie (2013)

For a third year, I’m going to be watching at least one horror DVD per day and writing a short review about them. I’ve acquired a new batch that I haven’t previously seen, so without any further delay. Let’s get to work.

Carrie (18 October 2013)

A shy girl, outcasted by her peers and sheltered by her religious mother, unleashes telekinetic terror on her small town after being pushed too far at her senior prom.

This is the second of three remakes that I picked up this year.  I wasn’t too interested in this ahead of time, but the store where I got it was going out of business so the price was right.  As a remake, this does what it needs to do.  I didn’t think the Chloe Grace Moretz was right for the role at the beginning, but she is putting on this expression that kind of makes it work.  Something about the way she’s holding her mouth makes her seem a bit off.  Julianne Moore is as unhinged as you could possibly want as Carrie’s mother and Judy Greer is very believable as the likable gym teacher who is the only adult that offers any real support.  This is mostly faithful to the original.  The additions like the video of her breakdown in the shower don’t amount to much other than updating the setting.  The only scene I think they completely botched is the very first one, Carrie’s mom giving birth to her.  She didn’t realize she was pregnant until after the labor alone in her home.  She stops screaming and takes a peak under her nightgown to reveal… a baby that is at least the months old and would have absolutely killed her had it just came out of her body.  She then tries to stab it, but is stopped by an unknown force.  Even if that baby had been a believable size, we didn’t need to see it because she tells Carrie this exact thing before she stabs her at the end of the movie.  Aside from that, I have no substantial complaints.  Carrie looks dumb during her telekinesis freak out just like in the original, but how else do you sell that you’re doing something with your mind if not by pulling a crazy face.

Motion Picture Meltdown has an episode covering the original Carrie that you can check out if you’re interested and I will be back tomorrow with another review.

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