Halloween Disc-A-Day: Day 30 – They Must Eat, Evil Offspring, Little Red Devil, Biker Zombies from Detroit, Lurking Terror

For a third year, I’m going to be watching at least one horror DVD per day and writing a short review about them. I’ve acquired a new batch that I haven’t previously seen, so without any further delay. Let’s get to work.

They Must Eat (2006)

A down-trodden warehouse worker commands the forces of evil to do his bidding. Training the flesh-eating ghouls to devour those that stand in his way to becoming a “normal” citizen of society. But, will his thirst for vengeance be enough to control the group of demons’ ever growing thirst for human flesh?

I think the number of movies per disc in these collection is inversely proportionate to the quality of the movies.  It a theory I’m working on and hoping is incorrect.  There are five movies on this standard, one-sided DVD and so far it doesn’t look good.  Most of these are directed by Tommy Brunswick who is a female director from the Detroit area.  The main character has a voice that reminds me of Larry Fine of the Three Stooges.  At times, they seem to be aiming for comedy but it’s difficult to say with any certainty since none of it seems funny.  As a positive note, I would say that the ghoul faces are pretty good for the budget level.  This has a good amount of cast and crew cross-over with Mr Jingles, which I review last October, along with the other movies on this disc.

Speaking of which…

Evil Offspring (29 December 2009)

There is a definite balance to the forces of good and evil in the universe. The quite backwoods town of Angel Falls is home to this great equalizer! Enter two unsuspecting lost souls trying to find their way back to the highway, and become stranded on an old farm. The owners, Pa and Nan are quite hospitable, to the right type of guests, but if you’re a sinner, you wind up on their chopping block and fed to the voracious creatures known as The Evil Offspring. The game just gets started when a seasoned hitchhiker begins to weave a tapestry of deception to confuse all the weary road travelers. A group of motley criminals soon find out, there is no escaping the terror in the woods of Angel Falls, they are merely pawns in the game being played by forces beyond their comprehension. With a life or death struggle unfolding in the cursed woods and farmland, they take their chances holding up in the very barn that houses the Offspring. With a rising body count, the evil woods impregnating young women who then birth full sized demons tearing through their bellies, and a “who can you trust” edge of your seat pace… there is NO escaping The Evil Offspring.

Do you remember the tree rape scene from Evil Dead?  Imagine that with thrusting.  That’s the opening to this movie.  The root or vine does the impregnating.  The woman develops a comically large belly for the Offspring to emerge fully formed.  You could say that they come out and play… Once the Offspring have sprung, the creatures themselves are lower quality than the ghouls from the previous film.  These are more Swamp Thing types where the face is a mask and the body is a load of dry moss.  The star of They Must Eat, John Anton, returns here as one of the main characters again along with Dr. Rudy Hatfield who’s role increased significantly.  Anton is barely recognizable between these two appearances.  A tan and a beard go a long way.  His voice is what made the connection for me.  He still sounds a little like Larry, but tougher this time.  The two movies also share the theme of someone tending to monsters by killing people, dismembering them, and feeding the parts.  It makes me wonder if this is going to be a recurring thing.

Little Red Devil (2008)

Jimmy Lidell is a “nobody”, stealing to earn a living in a dead-end life searching for his long lost girlfriend… until he meets Luc Tyer… a bigger-than-life underworld heavy that makes him an “offer he can’t refuse”. Jimmy accepts, but is leery about the secret motives behind Luc’s willingness to teach the business. Jimmy’s mother suspects that Jimmy may be running with the wrong crowd, but Jimmy turns a deaf ear to her religious warnings. Luc soon reveals his plans to use Jimmy as his unholy servant in a deadly and bloody game of evil revenge and power.

The regulars that I’ve become familiar with are here in smaller parts and for some of key roles they brought in known actors, specifically Daniel Baldwin and Dee Wallace.  Dee Wallace is really going for it as a religious concerned mother and Daniel Baldwin is going full Alec Baldwin.  The plot is obvious, but movie is significantly better due to their participation.  As far as effects, it’s a quality roller-coaster even within scenes.  For example, a demon pulls a man’s head off dragging a gruesome bit of practical gore behind it then he rips a man in half and digital red blobs pour out of his torso.  Another example is when the demon flattens a practical dummy head that is facing away from the camera, cut to the opposite shot, and the head and face are doing this accordion-style bounce that’s straight out of Looney Tunes.  I actually enjoyed that quite a bit though.

Biker Zombies from Detroit (17 August 2001)

Bad Bikers, Killer Zombies, & Hard Rock!

This is the only movie not directed by Tommy Brunswick in this collection. Instead we have her husband Todd Brunswick taking the lead on this one.  This is the oldest movie on the disc and roughest around the edges, or at least so far.  It’s definitely the lowest rated on IMDb with 1.9 starts.  I feel like the movie expects you to know the difference between how road and off-road motorcycles sound for a few sequences.  It’s strange.  The audio in general is low quality which makes for a difficult watch.  The pace is the worst part of it.  Things take a long time to get going then as soon as the climax of the movie is about to hit it happens off camera while they show a solid block of insert shots of bikes set to screaming.  When that’s over, you don’t even see the aftermath.  There are newscasts showing how the biker zombie phenomenon is spreading out further.  It feels like a real leap as to how you get to that point.

Lurking Terror (23 May 2002)

An ancient demon is used by a sadistic backwoods family to stalk and kill strangers.

This closely resembles Evil Offspring.  It’s set in the woods, has a Swamp Thing monster, and has a group of people tending to it.  The opening of the movie is Reservoir Dogs inspired.  You might say that it’s copied, but if Tarantino can do it so can everybody else.  There isn’t really too much to add to that.  After watching all the other movies in the collection, I went in knowing what to expect.  I was slightly annoyed that one of the villains that gets the most screen time doesn’t get a name.  They call him The Farmer or just Farmer which wouldn’t be too strange if they weren’t all related.  The collection as a whole isn’t great, but I didn’t have a bad time watching it.  There are lots of local bands that all seem to be going for a Korn vibe on the older movies.  It reminds me of the movies my friends would make when we were younger.  Obviously not everybody is going to have that same experience, but it’s not totally unrelatable.

Well that’s it for today.  Only one more left and it is going to be a handful.  In the meantime, you could check out Motion Picture Meltdown’s episodes on The Howling and Vampires to hear us talk more about Dee Wallace and Daniel Baldwin respectively.

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