The Curly Mustache Podcast: Ep. 25 – Michael Dowd & Alonzo Harris

Hello to all our weekly listeners and new villains out there! Welcome to the big episode 2-5 of The Curly Mustache Podcast. Each week, we take one real-life villain and one fictional villain, discuss their histories, crimes, motives, any connections they have, and whether they are redeemable with our Bowler Hat Scale. This week, we talk about a couple of my least favorite type of villain, corrupt people with power. Joel and I discuss disgraced former NYPD officer Michael Dowd, and his counterpart from the movie Training Day, Detective Alonzo Harris. Enjoy!

I think this was one of the first episodes we’ve done where Joel and I had a vast difference in opinion over the villain, but came together with the same rating in the end. We definitely recommend making your own judgements and to seek out the podcasts in which this guy does interviews on. Also, check out the documentary “The Seven-Five” on Netflix. Good stuff! Thanks to all of our continued listeners and supports. Don’t forget to tell your friends! See you next week!


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