The Curly Mustache Podcast: Ep. 50 – Dr. Josef Mengele & Magneto

Hello friends and listeners! Episode 50 of The Curly Mustache Podcast is here and we are so excited that not only have we been able to keep it together for 50 episodes, but that so many of you have been sticking with us. If your new to the podcast, each week, we take one real-life villain and one fictional villain, discuss their histories, crimes, motives, any connections they may have, and cap off the episode with whether they can be redeemed with our Bowler Hat Scale. This week, Ian Mengel joins us as a special guest host and we dive into a lot of research and emotion and talk about the Nazi Angel of Death, Dr. Josef Mengele, and quite possibly the most well-written comic book villain of all time, Magneto. Enjoy!

As you’ll be able to hear in the episode, there were several times when we got choked up, uncomfortable and depressed with the subject matter, which is ok. As Ian states in the episode, if we don’t talk about it, it gets forgotten. It took 50 episodes of researching some of the most vile people in history for me to really, truly feel drained from learning about this guy. I honestly think you better strap in, because while I believe we made something great to listen to, I also believe it’s a tough one. Thanks for coming this far with us. Here’s to the next 50.


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