The Curly Mustache Podcast: Ep. 52 – Gustave & Killer Croc

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out episode 52 of The Curly Mustache Podcast. In each episode, we take one real-life villain and one fictional villain, discuss their crimes, histories, motives, any connections they may have and cap it all off with whether they can be redeemed with our Bowler Hat Scale. This week, we do something a little different and talk about our first “natural” serial killer, Gustave the Demon Croc and his fictional counterpart, the DC Universe’s Killer Croc. Enjoy!

This was a super fun episode where Joel and I got to put our nature nerd hats on and talk about murder animals instead of murder people. Remember folks, nature is metal and will fuck you up if you don’t respect it. Also, our new co-host Ian Mengel will be officially joining us for next week’s episode. Lastly, as we discuss at the end of the episode, I just wanted to let you know that with everything going on, and the silence from a lot of bigger podcast networks and organizations, we at The Curly Mustache Podcast, and United Cypher in general are in full support of the Black Lives Matter movement. The only way we will progress is by stopping the systematic mistreating and brutality against our black brothers and sisters. We won’t be silent and neither should you. Hopefully during these overwhelming times, our podcast network can give you some laughs and smiles. See you next week!


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