Unitedcypher started as an idea between 3 young men way back at the start of the new millennium. The idea was to produce home brewed media, mostly comedic in nature, cheaply and comfortably in our own back yards. Those early productions are mostly lost, and with time and life-complications, things started to look bleak for Unitedcypher… But then…

One of those founding members, Evan, met up with fellow comedy/media/music enthusiast DeHart, and the duo soon discovered that their creative powers, when combined, formed one great team. Starting at the end of 2003, they produced a weekly program titled “Local Rat Bastard” on their own streaming web station distributed via Winamp’s ShoutCast. Their show was a talk format, featuring fake celebrity interviews, ridiculous bits and parodies, lots of improvisation and it also featured news about local bands and their shows.

The regional acts (from an area called “Kentuckiana“) were featured artists, as well as hundreds of national and international acts, thanks to the promotional efforts of DeHart. They added more friends and fans as guest hosts almost every episode, many becoming reoccurring “characters.” After a year they moved to the podcast format and the show ended after 100 episodes to make way for their next idea. A monthly video show.

“Unitedcypher’s LRBTV” hit the internet in streaming and blog formats back in the early months of 2006, featuring utter nonsense, cartoons produced in Flash, music videos and various other social commentaries. They produced 5 episodes, the last one being a Halloween special (thanks to our brother, Dave!!) and the group changed their focus towards other projects. The group of friends continued to produce content independently and in small concerted efforts until Mr Perry showed a vested interest in bringing us all back together. You could say that the band is reuniting. It’s all coming back online, with a new mission – to rock your socks off!!!

December 2013 marks a decade of Unitedcypher making media online. Expect big things and even more to follow.

2018 Update – We’re still making things. Have a look.