unitedcypher’s yet-to-be-named podcast episode number three (PODCAST)

The gang recounts some of their more recent web-related deeds, Evan melts over cheesy scifi and Mass Effect 2, and we discover who has the best taste in Bruce Willis Movies.

unitedcypher’s yet-to-be-named podcast episode number two (PODCAST)

Join the fastidious fours-some on their second podcast adventure!! Evan, DeHart, Michael and Travo discuss some new contributions to the site, they address an issue that’s been weighing on everyone’s mind, and The Question gives us a peak into our collective minds. Enjoy.

unitedcypher’s yet-to-be-named podcast episode number one (PODCAST)

In our inaugural podcast, we dive head-first into some questions we’ve received from our fan-base. We discover the motivations behind the group itself, the origins of Travo’s sweet dance moves and we get some insight as to what Evan was thinking when he made “Uncle Jesse’s Hot Cereal”. Jarod a.k.a. ‘Crater-face Craig Nelson’ stops by mid-show to help Travis explain their “Literal Meanings” concept as well. It made me giggle, and I was hosting it. So, give it a listen, download it, rub it on your swimsuit areas, what-have-you. The iTunes feed should be available soon.