MPM: Ep. 361 – Every Man Gets Left Behind!

Showgirls | Starship Troopers (Revisit) – Hey everyone! Welcome to episode 361 of Motion Picture Meltdown! Phil chooses the movies this week, and decides to bring a couple of Paul Verhoeven flicks to the table. In a special MPM Classic segment, we revisit Starship Troopers, which was on the long lost first season of MPM, as well as one of worst received movies of all time, Showgirls. In this episode, you’ll hear us create our own film based on just the name, we question the usage of waterboarding during sex, and Cheats gets a little uncomfortable when we talk about the brain bug. Enjoy!

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MPM: Ep. 360 – Wesker Do’s & Wesker’s Don’ts

Resident Evil: Retribution | Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – Hey friends and listeners! Welcome to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown. FINALLY we have come to the end to the heaping trash pile known as the Resident Evil franchise. Cheats finishes things up with Resident Evil: Retribution and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. In this episode, we bring up our least favorite sequels, we finally realize Paul W.S. Anderson’s true plan, and we figure out, and once against notice that continuity really doesn’t matter. Enjoy!

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MPM: Ep. 359 – Johnson McClane

San Andreas | Skyscraper – Hey everyone! Thanks for tuning into Episode 359 of Motion Picture Meltdown! Now that Kung Fu-ly is over, we’re back on our regularly scheduled bullshit. With the release of Hobbs & Shaw, we thought a Dwayne Johnson Summer Blockbuster episode was in order, so I picked San Andreas and Skyscraper for us to roast through. In this episode, you’ll hear us replace exisitng Summer Blockbuster actors with wrestlers, we talk about how wholesome Dwayne Johnson is, and Phil goes full Apple fanboy again. Enjoy!

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MPM: Ep. 358 – Bunfire Of The Vanities

Kung Fu-ly Episode 4 – Shaolin Soccer | Kung Fu Hustle – Hey everyone! Thanks for tuning into episode #358 of Motion Picture Meltdown! We finish up Kung Fu-ly with a couple of my favorite Kung Fu movies. This week, we check out two Stephen Chow directed Chinese movies, Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle. In this episode, we talk about our favorite fighting styles, we may have found the best Bruce Lee references ever, and decide the best disguise is a hair change. Enjoy!

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MPM: Ep. 357 – P Is For Pain, K Is For Kill

Kung Fu-ly Episode 3 – The One | Unleashed – Hey everyone! Welcome to episode 357 of Motion Picture Meltdown, and episode 3 of our very first Kung Fu-ly! This week, Dehart chooses a couple of Jet Li movies he hadn’t seen, and we roast through The One and Unleashed. In this episode you’ll hear us admit to the NuMetal we still force ourselves to listen to, we reflect on how great of an actor Bob Hoskins was, and Phil questions whether Morgan Freeman has engaged in sexual acts with a piano. Enjoy!

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