unitedcypher presents – Bunnella Sodomwich

The gang from unitedcypher have themselves a good ol’ sit down. This week they talked about the completely imagined music career of tv’s sheriff john bunnell, they shared some group notes on fine dining, Netflix was yet again held aloft as the savior of entertainment by the entire cast, and travis manages to mug the camera yet again. 

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The Voice Actors Studio on WTTS (PODCAST)

Journey with us inside the Voice Actors Studio as host Gerald Seimens talks to Chet Steele (movie actor, not voice actor), Art Feltchstein (film producer), and Brach leFranc (cinematographer) as they talk about their movie experiences, their lives, the finer points of magma surfing, and other topics that have no direct connection with voice acting. Only on WTTS The Tits