unitedcypher presents : “Barbecue Sauce” (PODCAST)

This episodes features Travis, DeHart, Evan, and a special guest. The gang rants on for about forty
minutes about ‘surviving the game,’ UFC (not the one your thinking of) and battlecat. ¬†Shit, I forgot¬†the pickles. I knew I was forgetting something in the store, I just KNEW it!

Unitedcypher Presents: Das German Hamburglar says, “Rommel, rommel” (PODCAST)

This episode, featuring Shane O, we take a look at how to deal with a particularly stressful situation and salute one of our Youtube subscribers.

unitedcypher’s soon-to-be-named podcast episode 4 – The ultra blinged out Jack Patton is amazing edition. (PODCAST)

This week, the gang (excluding our hero MMP) troll over the multitude of name possibilities, rant on about silly things, all while making several references to recent television comedies. We’ve got a new theme, and we’re about to have a new name… Listen on!!