MPM: S03/E03 – Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Teen Wolf?

Teen Demon 2

Teen Wolf | Teen Wolf Too – Hello once again, and thank you for checking out the newest episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! This week, Mark and I take a trip back to the 80’s and round out one of the best to worst ratio original and sequel movies out there. We hang out for a great time with Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf, and stick around for a little too long while watching Jason Bateman embarrass himself and the entire franchise in Teen Wolf Too.

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MPM: S03/E02 – The Snake Charmer

Apparently in the future, surfing is the fastest way of transportation.

Escape From New York | Escape from LA – Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out the newest episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! In this episode, Mark and I go over the adventures of Snake Plissken in Escape from New York, and Escape from LA. We talk about the fact that John Carpenter pretty much just directed the same movie twice, the fact that Snake Plissken isn’t as smart as he looks(?), and apparently when he isn’t performing moral crimes, Snake is also part of the future’s National Basketball Association.  Enjoy!

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MPM: S03/E01 – Your Wish Is My Commando

A True Lumberjack.

Commando | Suburban Commando – Welcome back Motion Picture Meltdowniacs to the first episode of  Season 3! We realize it hasn’t been that long since Season 2 ended, but we’d like to get things back on a regularly scheduled track! We’ve got a great 18-20 episode season ready for you guys, and what better way to start it off than with a little bit of Arnold and Hulk Hogan?

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MPM: S02/E18 – Never Surrender to Cyborgs!

Who doesn’t like being black, playing basketball, riding your bike, and listening to rap at the same time?

No Retreat, No Surrender | Cyborg – Hello everyone! Welcome to the season finale of Motion Picture Meltdown – Season 2! In this episode, Mark and I tear apart two horrible Jean-Claude Van Damme films, in No Retreat, No Surrender, and Cyborg. We decided to pick two of JCVD’s most terrible and hilariously cheesy movies to finish out this season. We want to apologize for the inconsistency that plagued our podcasts all season long, and we promise to get our shit together and on a regular basis for Season 3, which starts in late February/ early March! In this episode, Mark and I discuss the importance of cock push-ups to cardio, how many stereotypical traits can be jammed into a stereotypical character in one scene, and how thankful we were that Cyborg wasn’t actually Masters of The Universe 2. Enjoy and see you next season!
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MPM: S02/E17 – Up For Graboids!

CGI Graboid Tricks.

Tremors | Tremors II: Aftershocks – Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! Only three episodes left of the season, so make sure you’re heading over to iTunes and subscribing! This week Mark, myself, and former MPM co-host Phil Collins go over Tremors and Tremors II: Aftershocks. We discuss the stupidity of blabbing about science in creature movies that make no sense, the outline of Michael Gross’ career, the downfalls of being named Melvin, and the nonsensical evolution of Graboids. Enjoy the show!
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