unitedcypher presents : What’s an Encyclopedia? (PODCAST)

We’re back in full effect, with a new website, some new and old articles, and of course, this lovely podcast to listen to and thumb your pudding at. Evan, DeHart, Shane O’ and Travis divulge more character traits as they reveal who’d be their right-hand-man in this week’s The Situation, and the gang spends time adjusting to the new, snappier 30 minute format.

Dr Sweetz Awesome Cola Beverage for Men (VIDEO)

Well folks, we’ll see you back here on the 21st for our grand re-opening. We’re closing the site for a week to do some much needed updating. In the meantime, check out our youtube page. We’re going to be putting a lot of our old bits out of our archives up this week to make way for all new material.

unitedcypher presents : marketing (PODCAST)

This time, on the tenth episode of unitedcypher presents, the boys all dream of a wonderful place where you can read classic literature and eat Barbecue simultaneously, the situation shows the true moral character of our heroes, and yes, goddamn-it, grizzly adams did have a beard!!