MPM: S02/E13 – There Is No Podcast, Only ZUUL!

Classic Comedy Trio

Ghostbusters | Ghostbusters II – Happy Halloween (or maybe a little later), everyone! Mark and myself had originally planned to do the original and Rob Zombie remake of the Halloween movies, but decided to take a break from Horror/Shittiness and do a pleasant podcast over two of our favorite movies, Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II. We keep our normal amounts of smack talk to a minimum and spend most of the time praising these two masterpieces. We go into the details of how projection and green screening is preferable to CGI, and how comedians today can’t hold a candle to the masters of the stage in these movies…although, there are a few parts we point out to be not only ridiculous, but hilarious as well. We hope you had a great Halloween, and enjoy!
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MPM: S02/E12 – Marvel Superzeroes

Unnecessary Circus Rope Jumping.

Ghost Rider | X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Hello faithful citizens, and welcome to our fantastic superzero edition of Motion Picture Meltdown! With Mark and I both being gigantic nerds and comic fans, our childhood was riddled with dreams and amazing expectations of seeing our favorite comics come to life in the cinema. Boy were we wrong. In this episode, Mark, a very emotional Cheats McGee, and Whitney Holbourn talk about Ghost Rider, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. These two movies take some of our favorite Marvel Comics characters, and throw them into the perennial diarrhea bowl that is Fox studios, and hang them out to dry with some even more terrible CGI. Along with the movies, we also discuss Whitney’s open hatred for Nicholas Cage, the humility of Sci-Fy CGI, and Cheats’ blatant outrages toward storyline differences. Enjoy!
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MPM: S02/E11 – In A While, Crocodile.

Huh. This reminds me of that one Disney movie about lions.

Rogue | Black Water – Crikey! Welcome once again to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown. This week features Mark, myself, and Cheats McGee going over a couple of creature features that actually aren’t too bad! What? I know…movies that aren’t terrible! But yes, it is true, we here at MPM do sometimes like to indulge in a film that won’t make us want to carve out our throats after the fact. We review the movies Rogue and  Black Water in this episode, and luckily there are no midgets or Hulk Hogans to spoil our fun. These two movies are about Crocs so menacing that even Croc Dundee would defecate all over himself. We discuss the movies, the arts of shitting our pants in fear, the love of animatronics compared to CGI, and what happens when you screw over Vin Diesel. Enjoy!
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