MPM: S02/E09 – What’s Eating Gizmo Grape?

Pop Culture Toilet: The Movie

Gremlins | Gremlins 2: The New Batch – Hello all my alcoholic listeners, welcome again to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown. This week, XR900 joins Mark and Myself to go through two of our favorite movies growing up. Gremlins and Gremlins 2: The New Batch. Not only do we rip these two awesome movies to shreds, but we also do our best skeletor imitations, talk about koosh balls, listen to the local police bust the meth heads down the road, and discuss the ridiculous amounts advertisements and references in the movies. We hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to tell all your friends! Also, make sure you check out the rest of United Cypher, and go down to Charlestown Road and get some comics from out buddy George at Empire Comics!
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MPM: S02/E08 -Beware! Birds and Rats!

Beards don’t get much more fake than this!

Rodentz | Kaw¬† – Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out the newest episode of MPM! This time Mark and myself go over two movies about animals that no one should ever be afraid of. Crows(Ravens) and Rats! We rip apart two of the worst movies we’ve seen in a while, referring to Rodentz and Kaw. Even though there is no special guest this week, Mark and I have plenty to talk about, including fake beards, mysteries green goo, terrorist birds, Halloween decoration rats, and the being able to tell whether something is the same, if it clearly looks different. Enjoy!
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WTTS RADIO – Paranaelianomoly (PODCAST)

A new program from our “sister station” WTTS : The Tits! If you’ve ever sat up late at night, gazing at the stars above you, or out at that spooky graveyard just around the corner, then this show is for you. Full of real experts who have a somewhat firm grasp on the metaphysical, skeptics who will rock your brain with ideas you have never considered, and assholes trying to sell you shit that no one really needs.

MPM: S02/E07 – Hulkamaniacs In Paradise

Arnold Kang

Thunder In Paradise 2 | Thunder In Paradise 3 – Hello everyone! Thanks for joining us in this tropical episode on the worst vacation imaginable…one that involves Hulk Hogan acting…AGAIN! Mark and I cover two of the worst sequels ever made in Thunder in Paradise 2 and 3. Cheats the Streets McGee and our friend Alisa are our special guests and gave us a little company in sitting through these two travesties. This episode goes over the similarities between Thunder and Kit, whether or not two grown men cuddling with an 8 year old is wrong, and how many props you can possibly purchase at the Dollar Tree. Enjoy!
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