UCP Anime Alphabet – Letter A

Unitedcypher Presents returns after a long absence with a new series shows, Anime Alphabet. ¬†Each week Evan and DeHart will be watching and talking about some anime series or movies from one letter of the alphabet. Starting of with the letter A, we picked one of the most well known anime movies, 1988’s Akira, and a popular ongoing series, Attack on Titan. ¬†Check it out.

Grimlocks of Love 2 : Grimlock Loves… (VID)

Our favorite cartoon-robot-dinosaur is back. and he still needs a date. Lucky for him the company who was producing his internet dating video got bought out and went all high tech and HD. They spiced up his already gruff attitude with some  editing panache and edgy music. Ladies, look out, He likes it Dino-style!