MPM: Ep 268 – Everyone Wants An Uzi, Go Uzi, Go!

True Lies | Sabotage – Hey everyone! We’ve got another action-packed episode of Motion Picture Meltdown for you, and we couldn’t have Action April without the action master himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger! Phil takes the reigns of the picks this week and chooses one of his favorite Arnold movies, True Lies as well as having us all give “old man Arnold” a chance and watch one of his more recent films, Sabotage. In this episode you’ll hear why James Cameron never went through with a True Lies sequel, we all create our own sequels to Arnold movies, and Dehart talks about how much he hates the characters in Sabotage. Enjoy!

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MPM: Ep. 264 – It’s Always Judas

Frailty | Brain Dead – Bill Paxton Tribute – Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown. We take a small break from trilogies this week while Cheats is out to cherish the acting career of the late, great Bill Paxton. Bill died a few weeks ago from surgery complications, and we decided to go through a couple of his movies. Due to having already podcast 9 movies with Bill Paxton in them, we did a blind pick called Brain Dead, and his directing debut movie that he also headlined, Frailty. In this episode, we talk about our favorite Paxton roles, we talk about what Clue: Bible Edition would be like, and try and figure out the divine weapons. Enjoy!

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MPM: Ep 203 – Tornado 3:16

Twister | Gymkata – Hello everyone! Welcome again to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! We continue this great holiday season by giving our listeners the gifts of roasting through movies of their choice. This week we go through a couple of pretty terrible requests, one being from my wife Brandi. She requested that we roast through the 1996 blockbuster hit Twister. Our second request is from our listener and a guest host on Naked in a Pit Jordan! He requested Gymkata. In this episode, you will hear us discuss the ultimate holiday death game, the fact that Twister is just Jaws with tornadoes, and my constant dislike for Bill Paxton. Enjoy!

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