MPM: Ep. 193 – Seven Degrees From Tim Thomerson

Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! This week we rap up Not-So Superhero September by continuing to transition along the darker path from superheroes to our October horror theme. This week we roast through a couple of movies that we all seemed to enjoy when we were younger…one proving we were all dumb, and one giving us a pleasant surprise. In this episode, we go through Marvel’s Blade as well as DC Comics’ Constantine. You will hear Dehart, Phil, Cheats and myself talk about one of our favorite satans in film, we pick apart Keanu Reeves’ career and discuss exactly how good or bad of an actor he actually is, and we just won’t let up on that Catholic Church. Enjoy!

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MPM: Ep. 137 – Kahnpound Interests

Hey everyone! Welcome to Motion Picture Meltdown’s NOT-So Superhero September! This entire month our episodes will be themed around several superhero movies where we feel the superhero are a little sub-par comapred to the well-known heroes of Hollywood. We kick things off this week by roasting through a couple of 90’s superhero movies based on comic books. We go through The Rocketeer as well the The Shadow. Our friend Ben sits in as a special guest and along with myself, Phil, and Dehart we talk about such things as The Rocketeer’s secret powers, we discuss what super power we’d want, and get details on Ben’s fear of fingernails. Enjoy!!

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